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For Soteria, writing is a mechanism of therapeutic expression. She began using poetry and music as a way through hardships. She now writes and speaks to deliver others from theirs.

Soteria advocates in prisons, schools, communities and arenas where she feels justice and hope need to be heard. Soteria’s passion is to empower others by speaking on issues of justice, equity and equality, homelessness, racism, unity, incarceration and leadership. She allows her own lived experiences, her spirituality and the experiences of others to mold her message and lead her into her promised land.

Soteria’s hope is to bring everyone into their Legacy and back to their Genesis, where fear has NO place and freedom has its way.


I desire nothing more than to leave a Legacy but sometimes the weight of this Legacy is heavy. I question it but for some reason it doesn’t seem to question me.  Many things I am but a legend, a legend, I cannot be. Yet, just as the bees find honey so did legacy find me. It says I’ll be encompassed by its security and its compass will secure me. Legacy said they will meet me where I am and help me carry this, dismissed bliss, fixed by legacy’s kiss. Legacy vowed to cater to me even my ancestral needs. Finally, I ended and said so let it be.

Snap Shot of Performances:

I Am Soteria & Friends: Black Friday, Headliner, Saxapahaw, NC

Social Justice March: Chatham Takes Action, Poet, Pittsboro, NC

Social Justice March: Hate-Free Hillsborough, Poet, Hillsborough, NC

Women’s March: Women United for Justice, Poet, Raleigh, NC

I Am Soteria & Friends: Freedom of Expression, Poet & M.C. Saxapahaw, NC

Mother’s Day: Gospel Brunch, Poet, Richmond, VA

Released Women’s Ministry: Stories of Survival, Poet & Keynote Speaker, Durham, NC

Red Hat: Summit Church, Poet, Raleigh NC

Changing Faces: Self- Love, Self-Care, Self-Worth, Poet, Suffolk, VA

Orange County Correctional: Rebranding Yourself on the Inside, Poet & Motivational Speaker, Hillsborough, NC

N.C. Correctional Institute for Women: Identity, Poet & Motivational Speaker, Raleigh, NC

Speaking Spirit: Women’s Conference, Poet, Midlothian, VA

Fight for Your Light: Mental Health Awareness, Poet, Raleigh, NC

Hayti Heritage Center: I Love the Company I Keep, Poet, Durham, NC

*Additional Performances: Shaw University, Emory University, International Civils Rights Museum

* Soteria also provides workshops on poetry, branding and identity 



YMCA: Darkness to Light, Mentor, Chapel Hill, NC

Carolina Justice Policy Center: Poetic Justice, Poet, Durham, NC

Carolina Theatre:  A Beautiful Exchange, Poet, Durham, NC



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Morning Glory Friend Cynthia Chatman

Special Skills: Poetry, Singing, Writing, Song Writing, Public Speaking

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