Jenna Bowman

This week I have realized and accepted the fact that I have begun the journey of returning to observe and process through the systemically racist/racist, individualist and homophobic White Christian theology I was born and indoctrinated into. I am reconstructing and communicating with that part of my life-community-friends-family about the need to see the Truth. I had the capacity to RUN away 5 years ago from that traumatizing and hurtful environment I was in and it has been an interesting journey of unlearning the teachings I was taught from such a young age – now in my life as a Queer, Disabled, Pro-Choice, Spiritual human that is trying to fight for human rights and standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. I wouldn’t say I would choose to be here, it is simply where I have landed and feels to be where my life journey has allowed me, along with not burning bridges with that community, to come back and be a voice speaking loudly and amplifying others voices. Every day is like: whew! haha. But I am so so so honoured and blessed by the resources and the humans that have shared their wisdom and journey, mostly for FREE! I am trying to honor and support the BIPOC community as much as possibly. The book I am currently reading is by Austin Channing Brown called: I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made of Whiteness.