Karen Tara Murphy Remington

I had to say enough to my friend, my words fell deaf on her ears.. I tried and tried, but she was combative and took twists and turns and wanted to drag out arguments. ( she cannot only “not see “ racism, but I have recently realized she is also a “trumper”. I have known this woman And her family since I went out with her older brother for years.. I loved her and her family still, 30+ years .. I had even asked her to stop talking politics with me, ( even though it went much deeper for me, this is at the core .. values/ heart). She continued to challenge me in a way that just left me upset for hours A day, several days a week…it got kind of ugly. I refrained from reacting, I responded and I said her family will always hold a place in my heart. But this no longer served either of us, and to take care.