Karen Tara Murphy Remington

It may not sound like much, but shared controversial posts… even that seems to have gotten scary lately. I, as many people are, am feeling so utterly heartbroken, sad, confused, angry, fed up… at what has been happening in our country. Within that, I am still working ( re- opened my yoga studio ( sort of, out on the deck) to support people to focus on gratitude for what we do have,,,in the present moment..l see blue skies, and hear the crickets chirping. This is to not suggest we do not confront the wicked; but as we stand, let us do so with remembering the light and truth that does reign in our hearts.. the essence of who we are,.. that we are all connected… that your pain is my pain, your truth is my truth, and let us have hope ( we cannot lose hope) that one day we will all embrace one another.. black, white, pink